Heart Sense

Heart <em>Sense</em>

Heart Sense is an innovative probe designed to significantly increase safety during cardiac surgery. The main function of the Heart Sense probe is to collect an electrical signal directly from the surface of the heart. This informs the team performing the operation about an increased risk of a critical event, especially a heart attack, in real time, allowing them to take pre-emptive actions and optimize procedures. 

The Heart Sense probe is for use primarily during coronary artery bypass surgery (for ischemic heart disease, coronary thrombosis, and coronary atherosclerosis) without the use of extracorporeal circulation, i.e. on the beating heart. The Heart Sense device can complement the functions of all cardiac stabilizers available on the market (Medtronic, Maquet, Terumo, etc.). The Heart Sense system does not require any modifications of the structure or use of cardiac stabilizers. When it is attached to the heart stabilizer (even in one package), Heart Sense extends the functions of the stabilizer through the option to monitor heart rate. 

The project is ongoing and the technology approaches TRL (technology readiness level: 6). Project website: www.heartsense.pl.

The first financial round investment in the project was made by the YouNick fund and the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the Bridge Alfa program.