No winner again: off-pump or on-pump CABG!

No winner again: off-pump or on-pump CABG!

We could conclude – “Didn’t we say?”. Another analysis showed that comparison between both techniques of CABG (of-pump and on-pump) can not reveal the winner. 

“Flawed comparison of outcomes between on-pump and off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery” is just published by Hrvoje Gasparovic, Bojan Biocina in European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

As we mentioned in previous post - since decade science cannot show which technique provides better results. Even including more and more patients, using more and more advanced scientific and statistical tools - doubts and questions arise and there is no clear verdict. 

This fact motivated us to innovate one of those techniques. We found that results of the studies do not change because both techniques do not evolve enough. Surgeons and anaesthesiologists do their work perfectly on both sides. And this will not change in near future without notable innovation. Can we do OPCAB or on-pump CABG better having still the same tools? Our analysis showed that only a “game-changer” can shake the balance of this battlefield.  Such innovation should destroy one of the problems identified as limitation of eighter technique. 

This is why Heart Sense is created. This device can support surgeons and anaesthesiologists in off-pump CABG by restoring proper monitoring of cardiac ischaemia. This may result on more distal anastomosis performed, increase the rate of complete revascularization (better long-term results), eliminate time pressure while suturing coronary anastomosis (better quality of anastomosis), reduce the risk of conversion to on-pump and reduce the rate of early complications.